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Overcoming The Obstacles To Self Change (cont)   By Author

Almost all of those positive affirmation statements were like neon signs pointing me to the exact areas where I needed to focus my efforts. So, if I created an affirmation like "I am a successful person." The inference is that I'm not a successful person, which I used as the first bread crumb to lead me into an awareness of some of my less attractive core beliefs.

Likewise with meditation. Those very things that frustrated me by derailing me from my purpose turned out to be the best clues that put me on just the right track to where I needed to go. So, pay attention to everything.

The objective of meditation of course is to get ourselves to the only place and time that truly exists in real time, the here and now. And it is only here and now that we can learn about ourselves and realize what needs to be worked on and then actually do the work. The here and now is where we can touch it, feel it, smell it, taste it, hear it, and become deeply aware of it.

Power And Rebuilding

Eventually we reach a point where we need to begin the rebuilding process and replace the bad with the good, the negative with the positive, the dysfunctional with harmony and rhythm. We need to find our way back to our natural selves and the rhythm of life.

This part is not easy either, but if you did the self awareness challenge well enough, at least you have some definite targets to work with and there are proven tools out there that we can use to put ourselves back together according to our new knowledge and understanding of ourselves. The main essential objective in self change is the process of changing fundamental beliefs about the physical and spiritual reality or manifestation we call I.

The problem here is that if we don't have knowledge of our power then we are unlikely to even believe that we can actually change anything in the first place, much less ourselves. Power is one of those things that is simple in concept but can get complicated in its applications. A simple description of power is 'the knowledge that all things are basically variations of configurations of infinite energy and that the Human spirit has the ability to control the configuration of energy through the minds ability to think'.

A deep understanding of the fact that the Human adaptation of life represents conscious spiritual energy, and may well be unique in all creation, endows us with the ability to use the very substance we and all things are created from. Such understanding gives us essentially unlimited power. When we come to the point of belief in this reality, we then take possession of our inheritance as the most powerful form of life ever to appear that we are currently aware of. This idea scares the hell out of all those who are afraid to take responsibility for their thoughts and feelings, and the acts and behavior that results from our thoughts and feelings.

The Power Of Belief

When we leverage the power of conditioning through the use of tools like affirmations, visualization and meditation and bring the power of belief to the table, we can implement fundamental changes that will result in system wide changes that will trickle down and manifest in every detail of life. These tools are designed to help us achieve a level of consciousness that will allow us to work with the extraordinary power of the subconscious mind. Once we tap into this power, most things will seem to fall into place like magic.

It is essential therefore that we have a clear, well described and well defined ideal or image of what we want to be before we start this stage, or we may well be simply putting a new face on the same reality. Just another cleaver act of self manipulation and deception designed to allow us to avoid the real without having to be conscious of, and responsible for, doing so.

Power, like any tool, is only as good and constructive as the spirit that uses it. If that spirit is damaged or dysfunctional, then the use of power can be unpredictable and even destructive. The history of our species has demonstrated that the twisted mind can gain access to power, or at least a limited version of it. I mention this here as a caution against taking the ideas expressed here too lightly.

But for our purposes here, the power of our ability to alter and change our belief concerning any given subject or issue, is the critical point of focus. So many of our views, perspectives and beliefs are the result of social, political and economic conditioning, which is nothing more than repetitive exposure to a particular concept, that it is clear that conditioning is an effective tool for implementing changes, especially changing our beliefs. In fact, this is one of the basic realities behind the effectiveness of affirmations which are positive statements of desired conditions as if they already exist.

Essentially we have the power to change ourselves and our world by changing what we believe. The journey of self change may include other journeys such as the exploration of new and unfamiliar perspectives which have the potential for introducing us to new ideas and perceptions which in turn have the power to open our minds to more new ideas. Suddenly life is again a series of adventures that unfolds with the rising of the sun each day, just as it was before we sustained any damage, when we were new Human life forms known as kids.

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