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Power Perception and Possibilities    By C.C. Paige

The brain is rarely perceived as a resource containing a number of capabilities that we can learn how to use and thereby increase our power. Traditional views of the Human brain may well be an obstacle to the development of what might be a vast resource with unlimited potential.

Options and Alternatives

Power, perception and possibilities are terms that are not usually associated with one another, but where the Human brain is concerned these might work well together.

The Human brain has traditionally been defined by the medical and/or scientific community, and therefore is perceived as some mysterious entity over which we have little or no control.

But what if that were only one of many possible perceptions of the reality that manifests itself as the brain? Could we be limiting our possibilities and opportunities by buying into narrow definitions without questioning them or exploring alternatives?

What if how we perceived our world could actually determine how our world actually is? And does that mean that if we perceive the world as square, it will be square? No.

But it is how the world went from square to round. Eratosthenes perceived it from a different point of view, a different perspective and saw a better more reliable truth.

But in the abstract world, there can be more than one truth depending on the perceptions we get from the point from which we are viewing.

When we view from a negative point of view we see only the negative interpretation and this has negative intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical consequences.

The opposite is also true. Is our point of view preordained? Is it accidental? Who is responsible for our point of view?

Basic Programming

While it is true that our early years have a strong influence on our basic programming, by our twenties we have little excuse for not exercising decisions based on independent thinking.

We have the power to decide, and that includes the decision as to what our point of view will be at any given time or place in our lives.

Also, there are different types of points of views. There is the general overall point of view, which could be thought of as our basic mindset, which pretty much determines our belief system, and then there are lower level types, all the way down to each individual instance of life where we can exercise enormous power by shuffling through as many points of view as possible in order to obtain as many different perceptions as possible which we can then use to base informed decisions on.

Think about the enormous power that this capability endows us with, and then realize that this is but one of many powerful capabilities made possible by our brain.

The power to define ourselves and our lives using our ability to make choices is huge. One person chooses to be successful, another chooses to be a failure, one chooses to be happy another to be miserable.

Whether our choices are positive and constructive ones will depend largely on our ability to see any situation or issue from as many different viewing points as possible, making our lives much richer through the benefits of a broad array of perceptions.

Perhaps we may even begin to perceive our brain in ways that motivate us to explore the infinite potential that it may represent.